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Center for Technology in Medicine and Health, CTMH, is a collaboration between Karolinska Institutet (KI), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm County Council (SLL) in order to help develop the Stockholm region as a world-class medical technology center.

As a portal, CTMH creates venues and activities that stimulate and develop exchanges between industry, academia and health care in the boundaries between technology and health, research and application.


CTMH is a forum and motor for better utilization of resources at the interface of technological and medical expertise, with applications for the improvement of human health through the following activities:
  • PORTAL: a portal for contacts and collaborations between academia, industry and healthcare.
  • RESEARCH AND EDUCATION: to initiate, create interest and contribute to research and education within engineering in medicine and health.
  • SPIN-OFF: to contribute to processes that facilitate the creation of new products, services and businesses.
CTMH is an opportunity for KI and KTH researchers with applications in healthcare and medical technology, an offer to businesses with interest in these researchers, and an offer to the healthcare representatives with an interest in health care contributions and exchange with research and industry in medical technology.


Stockholm already houses world leading and outstanding research in the borderland between clinic, technology and medicine. Our belief is that there is also a large untapped potential and it is CTMH's goal to realize it.

Speed Dating is the first step in CTMH's method for Research Area Development; CTMH Crossroads is the second stage, workshops within defined, specific issues with a few selected participants.


At a Speed Dating Workshop, about twenty teams from various technical and clinical areas are gathered. The groups are each represented by a group leader, but other researchers from within the group are welcome.

To participate, each team must fulfill certain requirements. During the workshop, each group gives a four-minute presentation on its activities, focusing on the following points:

- the group's focus and vision
- what the group can offer other groups (models, equipment, etc.)
- what interests the group has in collaborators, models, equipment, access to patients, etc.

The workshop is concluded with mingle and snacks (or lunch). CTMH will gladly set up meetings with specific participants on a specific topic.

The design is strongly inspired by the BioDesign Speed Dating at Stanford University, where it has been a great success.


Clinical Innovation Fellowship (CIF) is a collaborate effort to create experts in the field of medical innovation and more specifically innovation where the needs of the hospital clinic is at the heart. Every year eight new fellows form two multi-disciplinary teams based at two clinics at the Karolinska University Hospital. The teams combine experience and expertise in medicine, technology, business and industrial design and for eight months they focus solely on learning, identifying, validating and solving problems at the host clinics.

The program is inspired by and conducted in collaboration with Stanford Innovation BioDesign. The program started for the first time in october 2010 and is now in its fourth year. The CIF-project has resulted in several interesting spin-off projects:
  • Open seminars and workshops on different aspects of medicine, entrepreneurship, organisation, medical technology and the future challenges of healthcare and medicine.
  • Engaging researchers at the Karolinska Institute, the Royal Institute of Technology and partnerships in new multidisciplinary research projects.
  • Student projects by bachelor and master thesis students at the Royal Institute of Technology.
Watch our video on CIF by clicking the image. (Swedish only.)


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Ass. Dir. CTMH
Director Clinical Innovation Fellowships

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Project Manager
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Project Manager
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Project Manager, PhD student
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Translated by: Haasl BVBA